Kitesurfing is fun and exciting, but if you’re new to the activity, then you might be wondering where are some of the best islands to do it at are? Even if you’ve kite-surfed at many places, you’ll want to read this article. Here is our list of six islands for kitesurfing.

1. Fuerteventura

This island is part of the Canary Islands and there are a lot of reasons why you must kitesurf there. One of the reasons it’s the ideal location is because the weather is suitable for kitesurfing all-year round. The wind is always perfect, getting there is easy to do and there is no shortage of places to kitesurf there. Here’s a tip, make sure you spend a few days there because you’ll want to explore the other islands.

2. Santa Lucia In Cuba

Located in the Caribbean is where you’ll find Santa Lucia, which is a kitesurfer’s paradise that offers excellent conditions. Not only that, but you’ll love freestyling there. This is because there are many chances to hit the flat waters, but do feel free to do a bit of ride waving too because both can be done in the region.

Besides kitesurfing, there are other things you can don in Santa Lucia. This includes diving and swimming. Of course you can just sunbath all day or just take long walks on the beach.

3. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is home to warm weather, plenty of flat water lagoons and the winds are always ideal for kitesurfing. This makes it the perfect place to do it at, and it is one of the more relaxing and laid back places to do it. Kitesurfing is only one of the many activities you can do while there.

4. Rhodes In Greece

Another good island to go to if you want to kitesurf is Rhodes in Greece. The island is cheap to get to and offers both family packed fun and kitesurfing for the adrenaline seeker. However, the best time to go to Rhodes is in the summer, as this is when the waves are perfect and the flat water is unbeatable. While in Rhodes, do take time to indulge in authentic Greek food and take in the surrounding scenery.

5. Aruba

Another island that is in the Caribbean is worth going to, and that island is Aruba. Sure, the waters are typically calm, but it is still one of the best places to do kitesurfing at. You’ll love how warm the water is, the surrounding scenery and the many places you can go to. If you’re not a fan of overcrowded beaches, then don’t worry because Aruba has plenty of areas that aren’t too packed, which is another reason it is a great kitesurfing destination.

6. Sicily

The last island to make our list is Sicily, which is located in Italy and it is known for its flat waters. Not only that, but the food is amazing in Sicily, so make sure to grab a bite to eat after you do a bit of kitesurfing. Also, you’ll want to check out La Stagnone lagoon, as this is the area that will be of great interest to you, if you’re a fan of flat waters. The best time to go is anytime in the summer, as this is when the winds tend to be the most idea for kitesurfing.

Those are the top six islands for kitesurfing. Each location is unique in its own way and they have a lot to offer. Whether you’re completely new to kitesurfing or you’ve been doing it for many years, make sure you go to at least one of the above islands the next time you’re in the mood to do kitesurfing.