If you know someone who is in love with the kitesurfing lifestyle then you will know that it is an all consuming passion. And as we inch ever closer to the festive gift giving time of year a great gift for one of these passionate salt water lovers will always be appreciated.

Sp what are 8 ideas that will put a smile on the face of anyone who enjoys kitesurfing?

1. The Big World Map Of Kitesurfing Spots.

Incredibly attractive and suitable for framing the Kitesurfing map has got detail about more than 500 different world class spots. Wind direction, water temperature, surf conditions and much much more this map will look great on whatever wall it finds a home.

2. Kite World guide.

An absolutely essential guide to the world of kitesurfing. It introduces around 100 spots across a variety of continents. this is a gift that is suitable for both the beginner and the more experienced surfer. It look great and would not be out of place on a coffee table.

3. The Trictionery.

As a rider progresses they’re going to become more adventurous in their approach to the sport – and this includes upping their repertoire of tricks. This publication sets out tricks in three different categories and difficulty levels. it really does provide all the inspiration required by those who are growing their skills levels.

4.The GoPro.

This should be essential equipment for all those who want to capture the excitement of a day on the water (and off it).

New models are coming out all the time. Splurge out on that special gift and really make someones day.

5. Get the Decor.

It’s not necessary to spend a fortune to make someone happy with a gift that comes from the heart. there are a variety of online shops (and bricks and mortar retailers) that have goods ranging from home decor to coffee mugs that can inspire those with a love for the sport of kitesurfing.

6. Clothing and Jewelry.

Nothing expresses the love for the sport than a visual message or an inspirational quote. Once again there is a huge variety available from various retailers. The choices can range from jewelry to a simple T-short. But these are gifts that keep on giving. And a unique expression of personal style.

7. A Balance Board.

One of the most essential skills involved in kitesurfing is to cultivate an excellent sense of balance. A balance board is perfect. It can be used indoors and even in the worse weather. It equally at home providing training for snowboarders, skaters, surfers or kitesurfers. A really nifty and essential piece of kit.

8. The Woo.

Track your performance with this app that measures jump heights and offers much more – like a gamification function that makes achieving next level performance even more fun. This is the perfect gift for the kitesurfer who really wants to maximize their performance. It allows the kitesurfer to record performance and keep track of every jump – making it great for seeing the progress of skills. The easy to use app interface is also a please.

So there we have 8 gifts that make every kitesurfer take their experience on the water to the next level. Give one of these gifts and see a great smile and some huge excitement.

Kitesurfing should be all about having fun. These gift ideas are only some of the options available both online and in real world stores,. The point of giving a gift is to simply show that you care – so make a choice today and give that gift of joy.